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By | January 23, 2018

Canara Bank Internet Banking has made it possible to pay your all kinds of bills either Utility bills, Post Paid Mobiles, Landlines, Prepaid Mobiles, DTH, Insurance Payments, Donations etc. at a single platform, no need to rush to various places for paying your bills only.

With Canara Bank “BillPay” internet banking services you will get a chance to pay all your bills at only one shop.

It not only saves your time but your money and fuel too.

The payment method is really easy, you just have to follow the easy steps under its internet banking services to get going.

Even the women at home can now take the charge and pay all the bills.

How to Fill ETAX & GST with Canara Bank Internet Banking:

How to Fill ETAX & GST with Canara Bank Internet Banking

Central Government Taxes


Canara Bank has made it possible for its customers to pay for their Goods and Service Taxes (GST) payments through Canara Internet Banking system.

All you need to do is to get registered with the Bank’s corporate having a valid GSTIN allotted by GSTN.

  • E-Payment of Direct and Indirect Taxes:

The direct taxes include income tax, wealth tax, corporation tax, gift tax etc.

While indirect taxes include excise and service taxes.

You can pay all of these taxes through Canara internet banking systems

But for this, you need to be registered with the bank’s corporate.

There are some easy steps to follow and you can do it all with a single click.

Canara Bank Loans and Advances:

Canara Bank Loans and Advances

  • Term Loans

The bank also provides the facility of bank loans for the acquisition of any property, building, vehicle, machinery etc. for both industrial and non-industrial borrowers.

You will know the terms and conditions according to the lending norms of the Canara Bank Internet Banking.

  • Working Capital Finance

Working capital finance is basically the investment of bank in your current assets like raw materials, stores, sundry, debtors, semi-finished or finished goods etc.

it can be the money required, for financing your interval between the supply of goods.

And, the receipt of payment thereafter.

Yes, now that is all possible through Canara Bank Internet Banking.

  • Infrastructure Financing

The bank also gives funds for your infrastructure projects.

But the projects need to be economically and technically feasible.

The Syndication services are now also available from the bank to assist the promoters for their projects through Canara Bank internet banking.

Moreover, you can also check the status of your loans by Loan Status Application Tracking.

The rate of interest on every loan, their security, and repayment period will depend upon the type of loan, nature of the project, repayment capacity etc.

Canara Bank Merchant Banking Services:

Canara Bank Internet Banking is also a leading source of providing “Merchant Banking Services” and offers specialized services related to Capital Market to Banks, State-owned Corporations.

It will help you get your “project appraisals” by linking to resource raising plans from Capital Market or Debt Markets and facilitate you to link up with Banks, Financial institutions, or Potential investors may be looking forward to work with you.

It helps you not only grow your business but build a great partnership too.

5-Accounts and Deposits:

Fixed Deposits

With Canara’s Bank fixed deposit scheme now, you can invest your hard-earned money for a longer time with a regular income.

The deal they are offering is relatively safe, long-term and brings you high returns on your investment.

This scheme is available at all of their branches. You can get the details today and start investing your money in safe hands.

Canara Bank Recurring Deposits

It helps you save your money in an ideal way.

You can save as low as 50 rupees per month or more if you want in its multiples and get a sizeable capital at the end of the year.

It can be the most systematic way of saving your money that won’t cost you anything.

You can fulfill your future plans with that money too.

There are various other schemes available to the registered customers under Canara Bank internet banking.

And, those holding their bank accounts in Canara to avail all of them.

The implementation of various schemes such as TUF Scheme.

Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme, Scheme for extending assistance to Sugar Undertaking in their respective ministries has helped.

The people in modernization or expanding their existing units.

And in fact, setting up new units with higher benchmarks of technology and textiles.

The idea of Canara Bank internet banking has made it all possible for you to catch up on your dreams.

And, fulfill them right now.

Make your money more secure and invest it without any worries.

Now finance your projects with a belief that you will soon touch the higher forums.


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This is not the official website of Canara Bank. this website is made only for the tutorial purpose.

We strongly recommend to the visitors. that, please do not share your banking password with anyone.

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About Canara Bank & Canara Bank Internet Banking

Canara Bank is one of the oldest public sectors owned by the Government of India.

The bank has a broad network of 6639 branches so far and 10600 ATMs working all across India.

Moreover, it has its offices abroad in London, Hong Kong, Moscow, Shanghai, Doha, Bahrain, South Africa, Dubai, Tanzania.

And, New York as it’s customers spread all over the world availing its Internet Banking Services.

The main headquarters working in Bangalore, Karnataka, and India.

Canara Bank is continuously striving for its esteemed customers to bring the InternetBanking Technology into their hands.

It has made the concept of internet banking so easy for its customers that they get everything done online either it is paying their utility bills, insurance payments, donations, landlines etc.

Yes, everything is happening on a single platform so what are you waiting for?

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