Activate Internet Banking | How to do IMPS, RTGS, NEFT

By | November 13, 2017

Internet banking is one of the facilities, which is providing by banks. after activating internet banking, users can avail a lot of benefits without visiting the branch.

It is an easy, safe and hassle-free way to access your bank account anytime and anywhere.

It’s become very difficult for those people who are salaried, they don’t have time to visit the bank for passbook, bank statement, fund transfer, bill payments, mobile number recharge, apply credit card, home loan, personal loan, auto loan, car loan, education loan.

Now these all services are online providing by all banks. Just you need to do one thing activate internet banking for your respective bank.

Internet banking has now become part of our life. The Internet has sorted lot of things, a few years ago nobody was friendly with the internet, and just because of that people had to go for tiny reasons to their service providers.

Now don’t need to go anywhere, the problem can now be sorted online. By the time world is growing up.

Online technology has changed and sorted many things in our daily work.

In this busy life, nobody has time for little things, such as nowadays no one wants to visit the bank, passport offices, or any other places where work can now get done online.

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How to activate internet banking?

All banks have their own procedure to activate internet banking.

Some bank has online facility to register internet banking and some have offline.

Almost all banks have a similar procedure to apply for internet banking.

In the below steps, you will get to know how to activate internet banking online and offline. to know the process in your bank click here.

Apply for internet banking offline

  • First of all visit your bank home branch.
  • Secondly, ask them for the internet banking application form.
  • Filled that form and submit the same along with required documents.
  • As per the bank timeline, they will provide you the internet banking KIT attached to Password and User ID.

Note: – some banks provide Internet banking KIT on the spot at the time of registration and some bank dispatch the internet banking KIT to the customers registered address. It depends on the banks.

  • After getting the User ID and password you need to activate the net banking user id and password.
  • To activate you need to visit your bank official website and there you can activate your internet banking.
  • That’s it. Now access your account anytime and anywhere without the visit at the bank.

Apply for internet banking online.

  • Visit your bank official website
  • Checks if there is the facility for online apply internet banking.
  • If yes, then fill the form online and submit the same.
  • After that, follow the process as per the banking guideline.
  • As per the timeline decided by the bank, within that time you will receive user id and password.
  • After that, you need to activate that user id and password.
  • To activate you need to visit the official website and follow there process to activate.
  • That’s it. Happy online banking.


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What is Mobile Banking?

Mobile banking and internet banking is the little bit similar. Such as we mobile banking gives facility to access account on your mobile or tablet via mobile banking app.

Internet banking gives that the same facilities on your laptop or desktop. Nowadays, most people who are using online banking they use both types of banking such as internet banking and mobile banking.

That gives more comfort to access banking anytime anywhere.

These both facilities gives you more comfort level then visit your bank.

With mobile banking, people can access account on their mobile.

This is most helpful for those people who are unable to access laptop/desktop or they don’t have.

How do I get access to mobile banking?

This is very simple to get access to mobile banking. You just need to download your bank mobile banking app from google play store; if you are using I Phone then you can get the app from your iPhone app store.

After downloading the app you need to register for that mobile banking. When you will launch the mobile app you would require filling some details. After providing the details you need to submit.

As you know all banks have their own procedure. As per the guidelines bank will give you the access to mobile banking on your mobile.

What is SMS Banking?

SMS banking services give you a very simple way to know your banking details such as Balance Enquiry, Last 3 Transaction, Issued Cheque status inquiry, Change Mobile Banking PIN, Mini Statement, Request for the chequebook, Pending Bills, Help etc.

Below you can check and send the SMS to your bank for require details. visit your bank official website for SMS CODE.

How to transfer fund online?

Sometimes people don’t get time for transferring fund to someone by visiting the bank branch. Now internet banking has the solution for that. IMPS/ RTGS /NEFT these are the method that can help you to transfer fund anytime and anywhere without visiting the bank branch.

Know more about IMPS/RTGS/NEFT what it is exactly?

What is IMPS? What is the maximum fund transfer limit?

IMPS – IMPS (Immediate Payment Service) this is an electronic fund transfer facility which can be done by mobile, desktop, tablet, etc.

Users just need to activate internet banking of their bank and add beneficiary and transfer fund anytime anywhere.  As per the NPCI circular, the maximum amount can be transferred RS 2 lacs per transaction for more information kindly visit your bank website or branch before taking any decisions.

IMPS makes easier way for transfer fund to anyone. You can transfer fund even on holidays also.

What is RTGS? What is the maximum fund transfer limit?

RTGS – RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) – this method can be used when a high-value transaction needs to do. However, regular users do not use an RTGS system for small transactions but instead would use a national payment system or network that allows participants to batch and net payments.

The minimum amount to be remitted through RTGS is 2 lakh. There is no upper ceiling for RTGS transactions.

What is NEFT? What is the maximum fund transfer limit?

NEFT – NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) – this is a nation-wide payment system facilitating one-to-one funds transfer. In this scheme, anyone either, firms, individuals, and corporate can online transfer funds from any bank branch to any firm.

Individual or corporate having an account with any other bank branch in the country participating in the Scheme.

There is no limit – either minimum or maximum – on the amount of funds transfer that could be transferred using NEFT.

However, the maximum amount per transaction is limited to Rs.50,000/- for cash-based remittances within India and also for remittances to Nepal under the Indo-Nepal Remittance Facility Scheme.

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