How to Activate UBI Internet Banking | UBI Net Banking Login

By | October 8, 2017

UBI offers Alternate ways to bank with ATM /Internet Banking /Mobile Banking etc and the convenience of Online Payments for funds transfer/bill payments/tax payments/donations.

Online banking Union Bank is very and easy and secure. It guards all sorts of Fraudulent activities that might happen in internet banking. Nevertheless Online out all strict rule, it also offers the easiest way of activating the Online Banking. As soon as a person gets registered, he or she is given with an ATM card and a registration number, It is very important to note that registration number as it is required to initiate the internet banking. Now the first thing you need to do is that going to the website of the Bank ( After that, the process is very easy which is as follows,

How to Activate UBI Internet Banking

How to Activate UBI Net Banking

  1. Click on Self User Creation. A form will appear as soon as it is clicked, as you can see on the above-mentioned image.
  2. Fill up the ATM card no, ATM PIN and the account no. You may also provide the virtual key by clicking the circle beside the box of ATM PIN.
  3. Now you need to provide either the date of birth or the Pan number. The date of birth must be the exact one as mentioned in your national ID card.
  4. Next, you need to provide any of your last five transactions done from the bank. If you can not recollect that you have to send an SMS in UMNS<space>15 digit account number to 098030808486. After that click on your transaction type which is credit or debit.
  5. After that, you need to click on to your Facility type. It provides the facility of viewing or viewing along with transaction.
    As you complete the facility type you have to follow a verification test. This is to avoid the chance of hacking the account.
  6. Now you need to agree with the terms and the condition of the UBI and click submit to move further. If you are lucky to provide all these details, you will be given with your USER ID and NAME AS PER RECORD.
  7. To move further you need to click continue. Here a screen will appear where you need to provide your password. In you will requiring two passwords. One is the login password where the other is Transaction password. There few restriction for creating the password.

    Which is as follows:-

    It can’t be the username.
    The password should be with minimum 6 character and maximum 14 characters.
    It should have a mixture of alphabet and number.
    It cannot be as your previous passwords.
    There cannot be spaces in between the passwords.

  8. Now provide your password as per the above condition and click submit. Here you may also take the support of the virtual keyboard.
  9. After that one message will appear showing your successful registration and user ID. It will also show that you have to log in after two working days and suggest to close the browser for security reasons.

How to Login UBI Net Banking

  1. After two working days, your internet banking whether retail or corporate will be functional.
  2. Using the same procedure you need to visit the same website and click Retail internet banking or Corporate internet banking.
  3. As the click on you have to provide your user ID and the password. This will be followed by a long list of the terms and conditions of Internet banking. You have to accept the terms and conditions clicking agree to move further.
  4. Now a message will appear showing that your password has changed successfully. Click the small here marked in red in the second line to move to the banking home page.
  5. This is the final step of the online bank activation and it confirms the successful activation of your bank account. There will be all possible option for you to use the online banking.

How to Activate UBI Net Banking


UBI is one of the greatest “banks of India”. If you see a dream it is just an imagination. But if want to live a dream you need make it alive. Union Bank of India provides you the best opportunity to live a dream. If you are thinking of being modern choose the greatest bank of India.

UBI Provides Loans

Union Bank is in the forefront of providing innovative products and services for the customer, with a wide range of Deposit Schemes, Retail Loans, Credit and Debit/ATM cards, Insurance, Mutual Funds, Gold Coins, DMAT & ASBA, Tax payments and Pension.

About Union Bank of India (UBI)

Union Bank of India (UBI) is one of the largest government-owned banks of India.It was registered on 11 November 1919 as a limited company in Mumbai and was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi.It is listed on the Forbes 2000, and has assets of USD 13.45 billion. The government owns 63.44% of its share capital of this national bank.

At the time of India’s Independence in 1947, Union Bank of India had only four branches – three in Mumbai and one in Saurashtra, all concentrated in key trade Centre’s. After the Independence, the growth is accelerated and by the time the Indian government nationalized it in 1969, it had 240 branches. Shortly after nationalization, Union Bank of India acquired Belgaum Bank, a private sector bank established in 1930 that had itself merged in a bank in 1964, the Shri JadeyaShankarling Bank (Bijapur; incorporated on 10 May 1948). Then in 1985 Union Bank of India acquired Miraj State Bank, which was established in 1929, and which had 26 branches. In 1999 the Reserve Bank of India requested that Union Bank acquire Sikkim Bank in a rescue after extensive irregularities had been discovered at the non-scheduled bank.

About Union Bank of India (UBI)

Union Bank began its international expansion in 2007 with the opening of representative offices in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and Shanghai in the Peoples Republic of China. The next year, Union Bank established a branch in Hong Kong, its first branch outside India. In 2009, Union Bank opened a representative office in Sydney, Australia.

At present, the offshore banking operations of Union Bank of India are led by its branches in Hong Kong and newly opened branch in Dubai at Dubai International Financial Centre.

Recently all the banks have networked with its 6909 ATMs as on 30 September 2015. Its online Telebanking facility is available to all its Core Banking Customers – individual as well as corporate. As of September 2016, UBI has 4214 branches. Four of these are overseas in Hong Kong, Dubai International Financial Centre, Antwerp, and Sydney (Australia). UBI also has representative offices in Shanghai, Beijing, and Abu Dhabi. Lastly, UBI operates in the United Kingdom through its wholly owned subsidiary, Union Bank of India (UK).

Being a nationalized bank it started with a great vision just like Mahatma Gandhi which is “To become the Bank of the first choice in our chosen areas by building beneficial and lasting relationships with customers through a process of continuous improvement”.

UBI BANK Vision & Mission

It is very important that Union Bank of India is not only limited to its vision. With its distinct and unique vision, it also offers a notable farsighted mission. They are

  1. The customer-centric organization known for its differentiated customer service.
  2. To offer a comprehensive range of products to meet all financial needs of the customer.
  3. Top creator of shareholder wealth through the focus on profitable growth.
  4. Young organization leveraging technology and experienced workforce.
  5. To be the most trusted brand, admired by all stakeholders.
  6. The leader in the area of Financial Inclusion.
  7. The unique national bank has achieved the IBA Best Technology Bank of the year award 2015-16


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